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Ornamental and Turf Pest Control (OTPS) Licensend


For the purpose of preventing, controlling, or eradicating pests of ornamental plants, shade trees (which may include nut or fruit trees, if used as ornamental plants or shade trees), and turf.

Agricultural Spraying


To accurately identify pests so that they are treated and controlled in a manner that is safe for the general public as well as our certified applicators who are administering the applications.

Our Coverage

  • Pest Identification

  • Weed/Grass Identification and control

  • Pest extermination/eradication/control

  • Turfgrass pest co​ntrol (lawns/golf courses)

  • Ornamental pest control including trees & shrubs

  • Pest Application (Band and Broadcast Spraying)

  • Plant Disease control

Pest Control
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